Sunday, February 3, 2008

...what can I say?

Well, here we are again, the start...kinda of a new semester. I am not looking forward to this one, but then again I wasn't looking forward to the last one or the one before that either. :D I just finished writing a Philosophy paper. I'm really not sure about it though. I said what I wanted to say and had evidence to back up my arguments, but I doubt that my teacher will agree with my viewpoint. Theoretically, though, he doesn't have to agree with the student to give the grade, the student just has to follow the rubric and sound convincing. But still, I am kind of worried. Enough about that though, this weekend was pretty uneventful. My best friend came home from A&M and she joined Veronica (Miguel's sister) and I at this little Mary Kay makeover session. It was fun, but I always feel obligated to by things, so I did... : ( Surprise Surprise. I hate it when you're shopping in the mall and those people bring you over to their booth and show you the latest "miracle formula" that will make your look like your 20 even when your 110. :D I always fall for that crap too. :D I'm so gullible. I walk away thinking "...I really didn't want to spend $60 on this nail kit, but it makes them so shiny!" :D So when Miguel goes to the mall with me he walks on the side with all of the vendors so he can quickly say "no" when they try to sell him something before I get sucked into their miracle vortex. :D Speaking of the mall, I don't know what to get Miguel for Valentine's day. I have some ideas, but none of them seem that great. Anyways, I guess I have a little while until I have to really worry about that. Well, I guess I'll sign off for now. I have school in the morning and it's one minute to 1am. It's my fault though, I wasted so much time playing with It's so addicting. :D Go try it out. ...until then...